Tube Components

Tube types:
  1. Tube components made from Cold rolled or hot rolled, DOM seamless or DOM welded, Annealed or non-annealed steel tubes.
  2. Tubes are cut to size, chamfered, bulged, threaded and manipulated in several ways to achieve close dimensional accuracy.
Specific Application of precision tube components:
  1. Spacers and Washers
  2. Rollers (Production line rollers/Conveyor belt rollers)
  3. Steel bushings
  4. Casings for DC starter motors (automotive and industrial).
  5. Steel Tube cuts for machinery parts.
  6. Cylinders for shock absorbers.
Used by manufacturers of:
  1. Gear Boxes
  2. Hydraulic Cylinders
  3. Hydraulic Jacks.
  4. Cylindrical Rollers
  5. DC Starter motors
Grades of Carbon and Alloy Steel AISI 52100, SAE 1008, 1010, 1015, 1020, 1030, 1035, 1045, 1060, 1144, 4130, 4140, 4340, STKM13, GB/T8162/8163, DIN 2391, ASTM 513/519/500, 12L14, EN-31, EN-24, EN10305-1, ST35, ST45, ST52, E215, E235, E355, 25CrMo4 and 42CrMo4.

Size Ranges:
  • Length: 0.250" to 10.0"
  • Inner Dia: 0.109" to 4.0"
  • Outer Dia: 0.170" to 6.0"
  • Wall Thickness: 0 .020" to 0.187"
Size Tolerances:
  • Length: ± 0.005" to 0.015"
  • Inner Diameter: ± 0.003" to 0.010"
  • Outer Diameter: ± 0.005" to 0.015"
  • Flatness: 0.00005" / 0.0012mm
  • Straightness: 0.00006" / 0.0015mm
  • Circularity: 0.0001" / 0.0025mm
  • Cylindricity: 0.0001" / 0.0025mm
  • Parallelism: 0.00005" / 0.0012mm
  • Runout: 0.00005" / 0.0012mm
  • Symmetry: 0.00012" / 0.003mm
  • Concentricity: 0.00005" / 0.0012mm
Quality Control:
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • SPC (Statistical Process Control)
Description of products:
  1. SPACERS AND WASHERS: The most common SPACER is a round, hollow cylinder with a specific length and inner and outer diameter. Typical application of spacer is to separate two components. Spacers are also used in automotive and industrial mechanical sub systems for positioning, connecting or guiding. Shims and washers are also considered spacers, as they provide positioning assistance between various fasteners and system components.

  2. ROLLERS: We supply tubes for rollers of Diameter: 50 to 219mm and Length: 190 to 3500mm.
    1. Tubes for Cylindrical Roller (cut to size): are widely used in production-line rollers, conveyor belts, heavy auto transmission shafts, float glass production line, wood industry and in spinning, printing and dyeing applications.
    2. Tubes for Idlers / Conveyor belt rollers: are cylindrical rollers fixed along the conveyor from head to tail. They are made of steel tubes with a steel shaft running through the centre. They run on bearings and are installed into a frame that carries a conveyor belt. The rollers support the belt, carrying the weight of the product to be moved (Troughing rollers) as well as supporting the returning empty belt (return rollers).
    3. Tubes for Corrosion Resistant Rollers:
      1. Type 1 is made of an outer PVC shell with an inner steel roller tube.
      2. Type 2 is made from steel tubes press-fitted into an outer rubber to increase the strength as well as resistance to corrosive elements.
      3. Both are much more economical compared to stainless steel rollers.

  3. STEEL TUBE CUTS: We offer variety of cut to length tubes for use in diverse industries such as conveyors, casters, for vibration control in rubber and plastic inserts (anti-vibration mounts), exhaust, bolt collars, bolt spacers or bolt sleeves. Tube cuts are also used for machine parts or structural parts and in automotive, agriculture and construction applications.

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